Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2016
Sunday, January 03, 2016
Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2016
Sunday, January 03, 2016
Decision Making

Decision Making
27.(C) 28.(B) 29.(D) 30.(A) 31.(E) 32.(D) 33.(C) 34.(A) 35.(B) 36.(C)
37.(E) 38.(C) 39.(B) 40.(C) 41.(C) 42.(D) 43.(B) 44.(E) 45.(C) 46.(D)
47.(B) 48.(B) 49.(A)

    Caselet on Indian Institute of Research

  1. (C) The issue in question is the discontinuance of the scheme. Number of researchers leaving the organization may be due to any number of factors. Similarly death of a researcher on duty and a 2% decrease in the number of people accessing an article are insignificant to the issue in question. However, a decline in the quality of the articles would be a major influence in the decision. Hence only statement 3 would justify the decision to discontinue the scheme. The correct answer is Option C.
  2. (B) Statements 1 and 3 are most likely to convince  the Government to allow the scheme to continue. In 3, the highest paid researcher won the Nobel prize (a solid argument). Statement 2 is not likely to convince the Government because America is in a very different situation compared to India. Hence the correct answer is option B. We can be confused with option E.
  3. (D) The ‘Note 1’ mentions that the auditors role is to verify the accounts. Pin-pointing a sudden increase in expenditure is within their role, however, objecting to extra benefits scheme and policy decisions are outside their purview. Hence the correct answer is option D.

    Caselet on Hair Saloons

  4. (A) The agreement was that for any of the three services (haircut, shave and hair-dye) the amount charged would be the same. The only way Kamal can charge more (if he has to respect the agreement) is if he gives a new service. Hence the correct answer is option A.
  5. (E) Any change in the rate to be charges would result in a violation of the agreement. Therefore, the only way in which the agreement will not be violated is if he allowed loyal customers to jump the queue. Hence option E seems to be the correct answer. This however can have an adverse impact on Vimal’s own business, stemming from the minority of not-loyal customers.

    Caselet on City of Yashmund

  6. (D) Options C and E mention increasing the rates. However it is possible that at increased rates, the taxis would not find any passengers or the drivers/owners may show a lot of resistance. Hence these options are ruled out. A random inspection as mentioned in option A would not consistently serve the purpose of better comfort. Option B is too indirect a measure. The best answer is option D because no initial costs are imposed and no owner would like to be in a situation where his licence is not renewed.
  7. (C) In options D and E there is an incentive and disincentive. However, the disincentive is too harsh and may not find acceptance. Options A and B also do not sound convincing because an increase in fares would be more harmful than beneficial to the business. Hence option C is the correct answer. The temptation of a subsidized loan will most likely convince the owners.

    Caselet on Chatterjee, Ghosh, Bhowmick

  8. (A) Option B is illogical due to its small scale, and is also slightly unethical. Options C and E are ruled out as they are either unethical or against the law. In D, there is an altogether new operational element (may be impractical) being introduced. Option (A) is the most correct course of action in the present situation.
  9. (B) The best course of action for Ghosh is to remind Chatterjee as to why people voted for him. Environment was not on his political agenda during campaigning. Options C  and E have an element of threat in them and hence should be avoided. Options A and D are also not advisable. Option A clearly is partial. Ghosh’s least incorrect course of action is B.

    Caselet on ABC Corporation

  10. (C) From an HR perspective firing the employees – Choice 1 – is ruled out because it is mentioned that they have now started liking ABC. This eliminates options A, B and D. The most appropriate course of action would be to give them poor ratings and one year time to improve. Hence, option C is the correct answer.
  11. (E) The only course of action available to Amelia Ganeshmurthi is to convey the trio’s unhappiness to her boss. Options (A), (B) and (C) are against established norms of corporate behavior. It is Amelia who suspects that her promotion is linked to the trio’s performance. Discussing this with her boss would not be appropriate behavior. So D is ruled out. Hence, option E is the correct answer.
  12. (C) A person’s behavior outside the workplace should not be taken into account during HR appraisals. Hence, statement (4) is ruled out. Manoj and Benita should be given high ratings which justifies statement (5). This leaves us with options (A), (C) and (E). Statements (1) and (3) seem like an over-reaction to the situation. Hence (2) and (5) would be the most appropriate courses of action. The correct answer is option C.

    Caselet on Crunchy Chips

  13. (B) Statement (5) suggests a course of action which would be most inappropriate in the given situation. This eliminates options (A), (C) and (D). The question says that Rajan “feared this incident might affect the company’s image among consumers.”  Apologising to the customers therefore is not an immediate need. This eliminates option (A). Hence the correct answer is option (B).
  14. (C) Out of the given courses of action, the most unethical would be to sell the entire stock at discount before the news spreads which is given in statement (1). Statement (2) sounds most ethical but we need to consider that the report is of a private company and can be dubious. The only option which fits is option (C).
  15. (C) The only viable course of action for Rajan is given in option (C).  The quality of the competitors’ product will not help Crunchy chips to bounce back. Similarly options (D) and (E) are more vendetta rather than vindication. In option (A) the problem is that the announcement will be without any justification. Hence the correct answer is option (C).

    Caselet on Puru and Sons Sweet Business

  16. (D) Options (A), (B), (C) and (E) do not put forth the point that sending sweets to the police station is not a bribe. The only option which conveys that message is option (D) which is the correct answer.
  17. (B) The only way Purushottam’s eldest son would get convinced is if it is proved that nobody’s health has suffered due to the practice being discussed. Hence the correct  combination of arguments would be (1) and (4). Option (B) is the correct answer.
  18. (E) The only statements that can convince Purushottam to give up the practice are (4) and (5). Hence the correct answer is option E. You can get confused with Option B, but remember, if a loyal customer buys from elsewhere too, that is not Purushottam’s concern. But if none turned up for Pramod’s marriage, of what use is the personal contact.

    Caselet on Simsys staff

Q 45- 47

Based on the data given in the question the following table can be prepared regarding whether a person is satisfied with a particular location or not.   (Satisfied = s, Not satisfied = ns)

  Bhatia Patel Khan Singh Yadav Lingdo
M ns s s ns ns s
N ns ns ns ns s ns
O ns ns ns s ns ns
P ns ns ns ns ns ns
Q ns s ns ns s s
R ns ns ns ns s ns
S ns s ns ns s s

s : satisfied; ns: not satisfied
From the above table the answers are:

Q 45 (C)
Q 46 (D)
Q 47 (B)

Q 48-49:

Information given can be summarized in following table:

Crop Production
Price Profit Months reqd. to cultivate Profit
per month
A 20 60 40 2 20 J-F-M-A-M-J
B 5 55 50 2 25 A-M-J-J-A-S
C 25 70 45 3 15 M-J-J-A-S-O-N-D
D 15 75 60 3 20 A-S-O-N-D
E 5 65 60 4 15 A-S-O-N-D
F 35 75 40 4 10 N-D-J-F-M-A-M

48. (B) We can see that B gives maximum profit per month and minimum cost of sowing. Therefore crop B will DEFINITELY be the part of ideal schedule. Also, crop B can be can be cultivated from April to September. Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

49. (A) Using the table above, we can conclude that option C is not possible because if we add the months of cultivation [2+3+4+4=13 months] which is not possible in a year.
For option D, Profit = USD 145000
For options A, B, E, all have profits USD 150000 but option A has minimum cost i.e. USD 30000.
Hence the correct answer is option (A).

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