BIMT 2000
Birla Institute of Management Technology

(December 23, 2000)


All these questions have been memorised by PT students and given to us. This analysis will be upgraded continually as we keep getting pertinent information)

No. of Questions - 180
Time allotted      - 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes)
No Sectional time limits

Questions were asked from the following areas
Mathematical Aptitude (MA)
English Usage (EU)
Reading Comprehension (RC)
Data Interpretation (DI)
Data Sufficiency (DS)
Logical Reasoning (LR)

There were two RC passages, which were small in size, about less than 100 words each. One of these passages was on philosophy (questions were tricky rather than indirect).

EU was easy as compared to the exercise & tests taken in PT materials. There were direct questions on vocab and some on verbal analogies. Some EU questions on fill in the appropriates.

Maths was easy and calculative as compared to the CAT, it was not logical just
concept-based direct questions were asked. Formula-based questions were few in numbers. There were about 30 questions of Maths. No Higher Maths was asked.

LR was not easy but not hard too. It was manageable. Questions on sequencing, analogies and on sitting arrangements with given conditions asked.

DS questions were moderately tough. The options to the questions in DS read the following:

Choose (a) - if 1 is sufficient to answer but 2 is not.
Choose (d) - if 2 is sufficient to answer but 1 is not.
Choose (c) - if 1 and 2 both are sufficient to answer but not independently.
Choose (d) - if any one of them 1 or 2 is relevant but not sufficient to answer.

In DI part, the graphs given were easy to interpret (Bar graph, Pie graph, Line graph)
There were three sets of questions. All over there were easy but the third set had indirect questions which required slightly more.

The last 20 questions in the exam formed the GK section. No questions were asked from sports. Most of the questions were based on Current Affairs, Economy, Indian Companies and the Indian Markets.

Overall for these 180 questions, 2 hours 30 minutes were more than sufficient. The paper was not more than averagely tough.

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