FMS 2001
Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

(January 14, 2001)

(This analysis has been made available to us by our students and the questions contained herein have been produced by them from their memory only. We will keep upgrading this analysis as we keep getting more of the pertinent inputs. You are most welcome to send us something that we haven't been able to include here.)

Birds Eye View

The Paper was containing 150 questions in all to be done in 2 hours. There were no sections in the paper, but the questions were placed sequentially in order (i.e. it was not an actual jumbled up paper). The paper was surprisingly very easy, and more so as many students had expected, higher level Maths was not there at all. The questions on other sections were also very easy.  The questions were divided into the following areas.

Total Time allotted 2 hours
Reading Comprehension 30 questions
English Usage 30 questions
Logical Reasoning 30 questions
Mathematical Ability 30 questions
General Knowledge 30 questions
Total No. of questions 150 questions

There were no sectional time limits. Negative marking of 25% per question. The standard formula used by FMS for calculating the scores is (4R - W). Where R is the total number of Right answers, while W stands for the number of Wrong answers.

Detailed Section-wise Analysis

Reading Comprehension Section

The section was designed in a different manner than the regular trend. There were 3 passages in all, all the three passages were given together, while the questions followed later. Each of the three passages was small, the three passages were given in a total of 3 pages. Thus none of the passages exceeded an average length of 1 page. The pattern for this part of the paper looked like:

Passage # 1

The passage talked about the various parts of the brain and the functions performed by them when taken individually. The Brain being classified into four major portions, the left side, right side etc. Functions of each of the parts of the brain was clearly defined......

Passage # 2

This passage was based on short term and long term memory. Generally the passage talked about events that are short lived and long lived. Where and how are these events used up, and how do people having more of short term memory and long term memory benefit from the same.

Passage # 3

This passage was based on creativity and other exercises, that at times leads to discoveries, which can either be accidental or can be planned.

Questions to Passage # 1

There were 10 questions directly from the passage, a few of them are:

Q. Function of left brain?

Q. Function of right brain?

(Almost all the questions could be answered directly from the passage)

Questions to Passage # 2 

There were 10 questions directly from the passage.

Questions to Passage # 3

There were 10 questions directly from the passage.

Seeing this pattern, we understand that all the PT students would have definitely cracked this complete section. This RC section was far too easy for them. All the PT students are exposed to tuff RC questions. This should have been a piece of cake for all of them.

Students generally realised that there was no need to read the passages at the first point. Going directly to the questions and then referring back to the passage to get to the answers turned out to be faster. In fact many students rushed through this section, in anticipation that the MA section should be tougher.

English Usage Section

Antonyms & Synonyms: Words like Lugubrious etc. 
There were in all 12 questions in all, manageable once again. The questions were spread, 4 questions on Synonyms, 4 on antonyms and then once again 4 more on synonyms.

Fill up the blanks:
There were 6 questions in all. (mixed 1 and 2 blanks)

Odd Man Out:
A total of 4 questions, manageable once again.

Spelling Mistakes (find the correctly spelt word): Words like Munificent
There were 4 spellings of the same word given, of which only one was correct, the student was supposed to find the correct one. There were 4 questions on the same.

Meaning of Words: Words like Pantheism
There were 4 questions for which options representing the correct meaning was to be picked.

PT students have done a lot of vocabulary building
throughout. A sincere student should not have had any problems doing this section.

Generally speaking this section was also an easily manageable section, if the student had a good command on vocabulary.

Logical Reasoning Section

Directions For Following 3 questions:
There are 2 sets of triplets.  m, n, o, p, q, r are the 6 peoples. There are 4 males & 2 females, none of the sets can have only males / females. One can marry only with person of other sex. There are 2 pairs of married couples. And some more conditions given
Q. If  m & p are married then other  married pair can be .
Q. Which of the following not a possible pair?

Directions For Following 2 questions:
Different currencies given. Their values among themselves were given. Like currency A = 2 (Currency B), Currency D = 4.5 (Currency E ) etc.
Q. Which of the following represents the values of the currency in ascending order
Q. Which of the above mentioned statements are not required to answer the question
     given above.

An exactly similar question was taken up in the PT study material and we do hope that all the PT students would have cracked this set.

Directions for the following 5 questions:
There are
6 subjects to be taken up on 7 days, one day is to be taken as an off. The subjects are Economics, Physics, English, Physiology, Maths, Chemistry. There were some more conditions given and then questions followed.

Q. Which of the following lectures shall be taken before Maths?
Q. Which of the days is an off ?

Another very similar set...... PT students had done an almost similar set in their regular classroom sessions and also in PT's Renowned Comprehensive Test Series. Should not have been a problem at all.

Directions for the following 3 questions: Conclusion based questions
Q. All tables are chairs, some chairs are boxes etc.....

PT students had tons of such questions in the regular classroom sessions and also lots of practice from their LR Master book.

Directions for the following 5 questions: 
there are  7 people in a family, they are from 3 generations, there are  2 married couples each having 2 children's etc. More data was given
Q. Who is the grandfather of .....
Q. What relation do the two people have...

PT students had done lots of such practice questions from their LR Master book. 

Directions for the following 3 questions: 
A cube having 6 different colours painted on its 6 faces. Some conditions given like Black is on opposite face to blue. and other conditions given. Students were required to answer the questions:
Q. If brown colour is on top, which colour shall be at the bottom
Q. etc.

PT students had done lots of such practice questions in the regular classroom LR sessions and also from their LR Master book.

Directions for the following 2 questions: 
Q. If P mite V means Vegetables are Flowers, V bite T means flowers are not fruits
    etc. Then what shall be the code for Fruits are Not vegetables etc.

In all the questions were easy, and almost all such questions had been covered in the PT study material.

Mathematical Ability Section

This section contains 30 questions in all and there was no questions on higher level Maths.

Q. A man went 30 km East, then 40 km North. How far he is from his starting point?

Absolute Sitter: Concept of Pythagorean triplet to be applied. PT students hope you realised the need for these. We had asked you to cram as many possible triplets.

Q. A man went 3 km West, then 4 km South. How far he is from his starting point?

Absolute Sitter: Concept of Pythagorean triplet to be applied. PT students hope you realised the need for these. We had asked you to cram as many possible triplets.

Q. If 30 kg of mangoes cost Rs. 105. How much should 1 Kg of mango be sold at if I want 10% profit on the whole transaction?

(105 1.1) / 30 = Rs. 3.85 Ans Basic concepts of P & L and Percentages. Lots of practice done by PT students on such questions. 

Q. 2/3 of 1/2 - 3/4 + 5/7 = ?

Q. Binary Op. a b = ab, then 6 (12 3) = Ans. 6

Q. If the average temperature of Mon, Tue and Wed is ..., and the temp. on Mon is ..., also if temp. on Tue, Wed and Thursday is ... then what is the temperature on Saturday.
Oooops...., there seemed to be mistake in this question. With the given data temperature on Thursday can be found, How can Saturday be found ???? It should have been Thursday.

Lots of similar questions had been taken up in the PT material

Q. What will be the units digit when 13924525.
     An absolute sitter.

Q. A number was to be divided by 5, but by mistake it was multiplied by 5.
    The result so obtained was 5. Then what should have been the original answer.

Q. Sugar is 4% in a 6 Lt. solution of water. On Lt. of water was evaporated, then what
    is the concentration of Sugar in the new solution in terms of Percentages.
A question taken up directly from the PT material

Q. 40% of the people failed in Hindi, 30% of the people failed in Maths, and another
    10% failed in both the subjects. Then how many students passed.

Failed only in Hindi 30%, only in Maths 20%, in both 10%, then total failures 60%. Then total students passing is 40%. There was no option like this in the paper. Must be a mistake in the question. 

In all all the questions were very easy. Quite a few of them were taken verbatim from the PT material, while others had changes in the numerical values taken. In a nut shell a section that was supposed to be cracked out and out.

General Knowledge Section

Q. Which is the 28th state of India?

Q. Indian Cricket betting how much money is at stake?

Q. In which game the word 'Cue' is used?

Q. India is recently member of which organisation?

Q. "More Dreams per car" is the punch line of which company?

Q. DNA of champions are linked with which company?

Q. Taaza tea is the brand of which company?

Q. What is the height of Mount Everest?

Q. Which of the following is the Land Development Bank?

Q. Which bank issued the Resurgent India Bonds?

Q. Who owns

Q. Which planet is known as the Evening Star?

Q. Mother Teresa belong to ........ Country?

Q. Nokia Belongs to which country?

Q. Which country has maximum Aluminium Production?

Q. Who is the most powerful business man as per Asia Week?

Q. How many seats are required to be won to obtain a majority in the US Senate?

Q. Ringett is the currency of which country?

Q. Of which European stock exchange is DAX the share/stock index?

Q. Who featured in Asia week 2000 list of most powerful Asians?

Q. How many times in a day the bands of a clock comes in a straight line?

Q. Which river carries the largest amount of water in India?

Final Analysis

The Paper can finally be classified as an Easy paper, and with the quality of students appearing for the Entrance Examination, we expect the cut-off's to be high.

A student getting approximately 130+ Questions correct, should stand a chance for a strong and a convertible call. 

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