IIFT 2002
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
(13  January,  2002)

(This analysis has been made available to us by our students and the questions contained herein have been produced by them from their memory only. We will keep upgrading this analysis as we keep getting more of the pertinent inputs. You are most welcome to send us something that we haven't been able to include here.)


IIFT - the best institute in the country for a post graduate programme in Foreign Trade in India had something different for the students appearing for the test this time. Over the years IIFT paper was considered tough because of its General Knowledge section. But this year it changed, with a reduced weightage for GK, this test was considerably easier. It is worth mentioning here that IIFT 2001 had 80 GK Q. each with a weightage of 0.25 marks - aggregating to 20 marks / 20% of the total weightage of the test in all. This year this figure came down drastically and so did the number of questions asked. Once again the paper had different weightage for the sections. 


The paper looked like : 



Sr. no


No of Questions

Marks / question

Maximum Marks

Difficulty level


Quantitative Ability












Reading Comprehension






Verbal Ability






General Knowledge











There were 175 questions divided into five sections to be solved in 120 minutes. Also as it was given that there were no negative marking, students should have attempted all questions. 

Detailed Section-wise Analysis

Mathematical Ability Section

The spread of the MA section was limited to Arithmetic and Algebra, with more stress on Arithmetic. Of the 47 questions in this section, we can say that approx. 40 Q were on arithmetic and the remaining on Algebra. Questions were mostly form : 

  • Profit & Loss
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Permutation & Combinations
  • Ratios and proportion
  • Trigonometry

This time there were no questions on Geometry and Progressions. Also a few PT students did report that a few questions were the same as they had solved in the PT material. Students should have given ample time for this section and tried to solve as many questions as possible ... but do not forget the other sections.

Logical Reasoning Section

This section had questions on the following topics, and the feedback we received ... this section could have been cracked easily. 

- Syllogisms, Analogies
- Data Arrangement (3 Sets ... each of 5 questions... very easy)
- 3 Questions on Family Relation

All 40 questions could have been solved in around 25 - 30 minutes.

Reading Comprehension Section

A total of 4 passages were asked in this section. The passages were more so simple and could have been solved easily by students who have been reading a lot. The passages were on the following themes: 

- Bhopal Gas Tragedy
- Honda motors, Japan.
- Real Life Dilemma of a sales person on how to increase sales

The section could have been solved in a time limit of 20 - 25 minutes.

English Usage Section

This was the section that did check the vocabulary of the student. Questions were of moderate toughness and were based on the following : 

- Grammar
- Antonyms and Synonyms (20Q)
- One small passage with blanks in between
- Idioms and Phrases
- Fill in the blanks
- No questions on Paragraph Formation

All questions solvable. The ideal time to be given should have been not more than 20 minutes.

General Knowledge Section

The overall break-up of the section is as follows : 

- Approx. 3-4 question on Science
- History
- Awards
- WTO (technical)
- Civics
- Geography
- Space Exploration

Questions were designed in a way that they covered every topic. The  questions were like : 

Q.1 Which was not a part of Harrapan Culture?
Q.2 Who in acted the role of Harry Potter?
Q.3 What is ASP (in WTO) ?
Q.4 Why does an egg floats on salt water?
Q.5 Certiorari writs in Courts?
Q.6 Asia Business week Award was given to .....
Q.7 When does Euro becomes finally applicable in Europe?
Q.8 Who founded e-bay.com?
Q.9 Indira Gandhi Peace Award was given to  ......
Q.10 What is Share of agriculture in India's export.....
Q.11 Share of Oil in India's yearly import is ......
Q.12 Choose the No.1 Fortune 500 Company
( Microsoft, Exxon, Wal Mart, G E)
Q.13 The only Indian company in Fortune 500 companies has a rank of  ..... (31, 331, 332, 132)
Q.14 The company rated as the best Employer in India is .....(Infosys, HLL, Wipro, Reliance)
Q.15 India's Rank in HDI is .......(115, 132, 105, 139)
Q.16 Most admired Company in top 1000 (Microsoft, GE, GM, Cadbury)
Q.17 Choose the special drawing rights of the IMF.
Q.18 Which is not a member of the European Union (Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Germany)
Q.19 Which of them did not received Nobel prize for Economics in 2001?
Q.20 India's rank in World Economic Forum (57, 59, 58, 56)
Q.21 Which of the following has been rated as the No.1 country in World Economic Forum (Finland, US, Canada)
Q.22 Which country has the highest rating in HDI.
Q.23 Who is the current President of NASSCOM?
Q.24 Who was the founder of Amazon.com ?
Q.25 BATATA has been formed by the merger of which of the following companies ?


We at PT feel that the 
EXPECTED CUTOFF for a strong call 
should be at net score of 70 marks +

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Disclaimer: All these questions have been memorised by PT students and given to us after the TEST was conducted. We fully acknowledge that these questions in original are the property of the IIFM and we are merely reproducing a few of them here in fragments to ensure that the huge community of students eagerly waiting to see an objective comparison of their performance gets the right picture.