IMT 2000

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

(December 31, 2000)


(All these questions have been memorised by PT students and given to us. This analysis will be upgraded continually as we keep getting pertinent information)


The pattern of IMT 2000 was not even slightly different from IMT 1999. The number of questions was 200 divided into 6 sections when 150 min. as the total time allowed. There were no sectional time limits and wrong answers carried 25% negative marking.


Sections                                      No. of questions           Expected Cut offs

Quantitative Ability                     40 questions                             26

English Usage                                  30 questions                             22

Reading Comprehension             30 questions                             20

Reasoning                                       30 questions                             18

Logical Decision Making             30 questions                             20

General Knowledge                      40 questions                             28


Total                                200 questions                    134


The questions in the test paper in all the sections were of a moderate difficulty level; pretty easy, to be fair. The feedback available from the students indicates that most of them were able to solve about 170 – 180 questions in the given time and a few sincere students also solved almost all the 200 questions. All the sections were pretty easy but some students had a different opinion about the reasoning section.


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Disclaimer: All these questions have been memorised by PT students and given to us after the exam. We fully acknowledge that these questions in original are the property of the concerned institute and we are merely reproducing a few of them here in fragments to ensure that the huge community of students eagerly waiting to see an objective comparison of their performance gets the right picture.