IRMA '99
(Dec 19, 1999)

Comprehensive Analysis

Total 200 questions are to be solved in the given time of 2 hrs.

Negative marking @ 25%

There were no sectional barriers.

No. of sections - 4
SECTION 1 - EU - 40
Total 200 Questions



Q.    HDI (Human Development Index) released by UNDP, covers three parameters, which are:
        Nutrition, longevity, education

Q.    Expected population of India by the end of 2000 ...
        (1) 00 million (2) 130 million (3) 110 million (4) 190 million

Q.    Rural population of India is what % of total population. As none of these time 67% was there -----

Q.    Chandrababu Naidu has launched a scheme for social awareness.....
        Lok Jumbish

Q.    Kalahandi is famous for :
        (1) Flood                           (2) Rural Development program
        (3) Surplus food growth      (4) None of these

Q.    "KAVERI" issue is between which two states :

Q.    Prime Minister of India conveyed a ministerial level meeting on 7th July. What was objective of that meeting ?
        KARGIL War

Q.    World population day …………….

Q.    Which cash crop failure was the reason for farmers committing suicide ?

Q.    People of Narmada Valley have been rehabilitated to which state ?

Q.    Sometimes back a group of people denominated in Black Clothes. What was their occupation ?

Q.    What is Terminator Seed ?

Q.    Which MNC is involved in this conspiracy ?

Q.    Which two companies are allowed to be disinvested by GOI ?
        GAIL & IOL

Q.    1998 GDP growth rate is .......

Q.    Important criteria for classifying people below poverty time:

Q.    Which state in India has allowed 1/3 reservation of women in Civil Services ?
        Possibly West Bengal

Q.    Which country has allowed women to use and contraceptive ?

Q.    Largest importer of food grain in the world is …………..

Q.    ‘Dirham’ to the currency of which country ?

Q.    After a prolonged legal battle, women of which country have been allowed to vote ?

Q.    Which statement is false about East Taiwan ?
        (1) 78% of people voted in favour of Independence.
        (2) Indonesia was against Independence.
        (3) US was planing to withdraw.

        (1) All time low inflation — "July’ 98"
        (2) Inflation was lowest in 27 years.
        (3) Steady price of Vegetables
            Which of the above is true ?

Q.    BPL Housing is what ?

Q.    Full form of "SIDBI"

Q.    Who has written "Policing Democracy"
        None of these (Author is R.K. Raghavan)

Q.    Film made by a person was shown in Geneva. On whom did he make the movies ?
        (1) Raj Kapoor          (2) Dada Saheb Phalke          (3) Satyajeet Ray

Q.    "Narendra Nath" who died recently was related to …….
        (1) Hockey          (2) Chess          (3) Badminton          (4) Tennis

Q.    Duration of "Eight five year plan"

Q.    Which of these is not a fundamental right ?
        (1) Slaughter of healthy animal              (2) National Heritage             (3) Security

Q.    Fundamental duties
        (1) Look after National Defence               (2) Scientific Temper
        (3) Exercising the right of franchise         (4) Serving the Nation, when called you

Q.    Where do you find Uranium ?
        (1) Udaipur              (2) Jadugada

Sorry …rest couldn’t remember !

Analysis : The whole section was easy for a person who is comfortable with Indian Constitution, Economy, Current Affairs etc.

Not a very tough section !



There were 40 questions in all.

5 questions on Synonyms and Antonyms

    (1) CHEAP
    (2) CONTEMPT
    (3) RELIABLE (anto.)
    (4) AFFECT

Some questions were based on a small passage. Theme of the passage was "Subsidy given to farmers in electricity, proves to be costlier in totality. Since the quality of electricity is cheap, politicianisation of the whole issue. They should be asked to pay normal charges."

Questions on the passage.

Q.    The farmers suffer due to :
        (1) Socio-political reason           (2) Technical              (3) Economic reason             (4) all these

Q.    Tone of the passage :
        (1) Sarcastic              (2) Critical

Some more questions were there …. sorry …. can’t remember !

10 very easy questions were on Error finding (childishly simple answer).

A short story was given with some words missing. 10 questions are given based on this story. You’ve to find the missing words from the options given and fill the gaps.

Q. The Agriculture shall -----------------------(avoid) the ----------------(pitfall) of yesteryears. These reforms would be here
     --------------------(perceptible) and -------------(possible) if the ---------- of the farmes are -------------- (provoked) well being of
     ------------(The Economy) lies in giving here responsibility to the farmer without his ---------------(asking, consent,
     knowledge). The ---------------(aspirations) of the farmer.

Over all the whole language section was very easy. Could have been completed in 15 minutes.



Maths - 25 questions
DI - 18-20 questions
Series - 5 questions

Questions asked were generally on Averages, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Geometry, Menstruation etc. No questions on Venn Diagrams, Time, Speed, Distance.

Q. If numerator increases by 20%, and denominator increases by 60%, the ratio of resulting and original fraction ?

Q. If numerator is 1 more then half of denominator, what is the fraction ?

Q. There are 3 equations and 3 variables. Find out the three variables.

Q. x - 2y = 8, 3z - 2y = 12, 4z - 2x = 16. Find the value of (x + 2 - 2).

Q. 25 women can do a work in 8 days and 20 men can do it in 10 days. If 20 men and 20 women work for 4 days, how the remaining
     work will take how many days by 12 women.

Q. In A class, 60% is girls and 40% are boys. Out of the girls, some play TT and seven times that number play Badminton. Total
    strength is 200. So how many play Badminton only and TT only, where 30 play both games ?

Q. A bag has 2 varieties on rice totaling 150 kgs. 60% of the total in variety A
    (1) How much variety B is to be added to variety A. So that both varieties are equal.
    (2) How much A is to be taken out so that both varieties are equal.

Q. (1) 2.4 16.2 15.3 = (2) 6.1 8.2 15.3 =
    two more equations like the above are given (the numbers are not exact)
    Which in different from (1) to (4) ? 3 to 4 questions of this type. One of the combination
    of numbers was of the form 4a2 + 12ab + 9b2.

5 questions on finding out next term in a series of numbers, by finding out the trend in the first series

eg.   1 2 3 6 12 24 48
       3 7 10 20 40 80 -


wpe38.jpg (3531 bytes)

    OP = radius = ?, PQ - tangent

Q. A circular garden is surrounded by a 7m wide path. The area of the path is 770. Find the area of

Q. Find volume of cylinder, given height = 14m, radius = 15m.

Q. There are 4 white, 3 red and 2 green balls. 2 balls are drawn randomly. What is the probability that
     the balls drawn are of different colours ?

Q. There are 4 boys and 4 girls. In how many ways can they be seated in a row, if all the girls are to be
     seated together ?

Q. There are 3 tractors and if they are taken on rent, their charges are given. Charges per km are given
     Rs. ... 12, 18, 24.

Q. For a distance of 24 km, what is the total rent for the three ?

Q. For 36 km, rent for 1st and 3rd tractor ?

Q. Six students and their marks in 6 subjects are given 6 simple questions.
     1) What is the average marks for A.
     2) Ratio of A’s English marks to B’s History marks
     3) What is the ratio of maximum total to minimum total.

A very simple TABLE

wpe39.jpg (3010 bytes)

5 Questions based on this multiple bar graph. Questions easy but very tedious calculations.

Q. 38 to Q. 43

wpe3A.jpg (8158 bytes)

2 companies and their % profitability for some 4 years are given.

Again 5 easy questions based on this line graph.



Total No. of Questions = 50

5 Easy Questions of Coding-Decoding

eg. A B C D G H I K then G H L K
     1 8 3 0 2 5 7 4 stands for ?

5 Questions offer a paragraph

- Definitely true
- Probably true
- Definitely false
- Probably false Type questions
- Data inadequate

A statement given followed by 2 conclusions. Find out which follows or both or none follows. eg.

A vehicle can’t get petrol filled if it has not checked for pollution control.
Conclusion :
    a. It should go out of the city to get petrol filled.
    b. Fake certificates for pollution check be issued.

The transporters are going on a strike.
Conclusion :
a. Private tempos should not be allowed.
b. Govt. should arrange for alternate service.

The Govt. is closing uneconomical routes.
Conclusion :
a. Prices should be ticked.
b. Govt. should utilise revenue properly.

5 questions based on —

5 Managers - A, B, C, D, E of different departments - Sales, Marketing, Production,
HRD & Finance. Each Manager has 1 subordinate staff - F, G, H, I, J

The conditions -

a. The staff selected should be less then 35 years old.
b. Then persons selected should be from different departments.
c. A committee of 4 i.e. 2 Managers and 2 staff are to be selected.

Questions now follow.


3 Boxes A, B and C and there are 8 gifts. A and B have 3 and C has 2 gifts. The 8 gifts are - D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K.

Some conditions --

a. F G J are not to be in same box.
b. K and E are to be together but not with D and I.

5 Questions follow.

5 questions on : 8 Cricketers are there A to H. If F bats immediately after G and before B, he scores more then E. Similarly if D bats immediately before A and after C, he scores more then F. Some more conditions were given and then 5 questions follows. An easy set of 5 questions.

Q. 31-35 The digits of decimal system are represented by symbols in other system.

For eg - 0 - @, 1 - , 2 - $, 3 - f etc.

Some calculations are given in other system which had to be done by conversion to

decimal system and answers in other system have to be found.

For example $ @ @ = ?, where the Mathematical symbols have their usual meanings.

1. a > b = a/b, the remainder where a is divided by b.

2. a b = (a b) / (a - b)

3. @ (a, b) = LCM of a and b.

5 simple questions based on binary operations.

eg. : - find the value of :-  @[(3 $ 7), (4 > 8), (3 -6)] and so on.


Overall level of the test : Above average (not simple)

Very difficult to give expected cutoffs in different sections but a bare minimum 140-160 questions ought to go right. Also, assuming a negative marking of 25% and 1 mark per right answer, a net score of 110+ will stand you in good stead.

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