MAT '98
(Dec 06, 1998)

Comprehensive Analysis


Total 200 Questions Time 2 Hrs.

Nothing mentioned specifically about negative marking.


             Section 1     LR              (40 q.)

             Section 2     DI               (40 q.)

             Section 3     MA              (40 q.)

             Section 4     EU + RC      (50 q.)

             Section 5     GK              (30 q.)


                         Total Test        200 q.

Overall Feedback Received from students - EASY test.


1. Logical Reasoning Section (40 questions) -

Relationship type questions were asked. (e.g. - S went to U's house who was the neighbors of P. R was the mother of P. T the mother of S was the sister of R. F is the father of S. Answer the following based on this data.

Q.1.How is S related to P ?

Q.2.How is F related to R ?

Q.3. How is S related to P ?

Q.4.How is S related to R ? and similar questions.

Few questions were on Missing Numbers in a given tabular format with certain conditions attached.
Several questions on Direction were asked. For ex. : A person starts from the point Q and walks a km towards east. Then he turns towards right and walks 4 km. In which direction is he now from the starting point?

Then there were relational questions. Like : There were 5 persons A, B, C, D and E. A, C and Horticulturist prefer tea to coffee. B and Industrialist prefer coffee to tea. A and where friends, and C is the brother of one. One of them was physician, doctor and teacher. Then there were several questions based on this.

Another variety that came up was :
There were six mines in a city. 1 greater than 5 but smaller than 3. 2 greater than 5....etc. etc.
Gold, silver, copper, iron, coal and diamond respectively in same order. Several questions followed like : Q. What is the order of the mines? Q. If 2 is the copper mine than what will be the 6th mine?

Another variety : There were six golf players. P, Q, R, S, T and U. S and U have to be necessarily at the first or the last place. If Q is to be before T and P is to be behind R .. etc. etc. After several conditions, there were a series of questions. Thus, on the whole, LR was standard type.


2. Data Interpretation Section (40 questions) --

20 Questions of D.S. These were the standard 4 Options D.S. type questions in which the options are as : Choose option (1) if A alone can get the answer, (2) if B alone, (3) if both A and B and (4) if data insufficient. None of the DS questions was based on geometry.

2 Caselets of D.I. (10 questions each) were asked.

Set 1. A detailed table was given with Share Prices of certain companies for different Cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Cal, Madras) for 4 different years. Questions were of the pattern -

What is the % difference between the highest and lowest value ?

Q. Which of the shares shows the constant increase in its value ? etc. etc.

Very manageable set of questions.

Set 2. Again, a detailed table had been given. Data was - A, B, C, D and E were the part of the project, which was to be completed in a year. 3 persons work for 3rd, 4th and 5th month. 4 persons work for 6th and 7th month. 2 persons work for 8th and 9th month, and 1 person for the rest. If no. of persons in the month 6th and 7th are increased by 2 each and no. of persons reduced for the 1st and 2nd month are 2 then (following questions) -

Q. Which of the step will take more time ?

Q. Which of the original project without increase in no. of persons require the highest ...? Few more questions based on the same pattern.


3. Mathematical Aptitude Section (40 questions) --

Given below are sample questions.

Q. Based on mathematical formulae on (a+b) etc. (tough) and 2 questions on the same pattern

Q. Father and Son (2 questions) (easy)

Q. Mixtures and alligation (IQ)

Q. Work (tough)

Q. Pipe (easy)

Q. Logarithm (log based) (tough)

Q. Speed (easy)

Q. Shares (1 question)

Q. Ratio A : B and B : C given, find A : B : C

Q. Divide Rs. 400/- in the ratio 1/2 :1/3:1/4 and find the difference between the highest and the lowest share.

Q. X is 70% of Y then Y is how much percentage of X ?.

Q. If a price is increased by 20% and then 50%, then what is the overall increase?

Q. Profit and loss (3 questions) (easy)

Q. On percentage

Overall the maths section was average (easy) and there were no questions on geometry.


4. Language Section (50 questions) -

2 passages on RC were given. The first passage had 7 questions, length of passage approx 200- 250 words, Topic - Habits etc. The second passage had 9 questions. Topic was : Industrialization and Women. Length 200-250 similar. Both passages were not easy.

Synonyms - 6 Questions, Antonyms - 6 Questions, Arrange the sentence in the proper order (6 questions) - here the given sentence was broken into 4 parts and we had to arrange them to make a meaningful sentence. Grammatical error based questions were also asked.

Overall an easy section for those who had their vocabulary and grammar in place.


5. G K Section (30 questions) -

4-5 questions were on Authors and Books. Which gas leaked in Bhopal Gas tragedy ? Some on cricket and cricketers, some on contemporary GK.

On the whole, at least 15 PT students from different parts of the country reported on Sunday (Dec 06, 1998) that the test was EASY and MANAGEABLE. Almost all of them solved all the questions.

Did you know that Last Year's All India MAT topper was a PT student ?
Yes.. Vinaysheel Babar scored 800 / 800 in the December 1997 MAT!!

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