Master of Finance and Control



Overall a very easy paper. The only key for getting call should be “Do you have the Speed?

Almost all the questions were solvable, no major problems. The highlights of the test could be … No Major stress on Reading Comprehension, Maths – Totally formula based, GK - Oriented typically to India and no hardcore Finance – Figure knowledge checked.



The various sections tested in the exam are as follows :

(1) Verbal Assessment + Reading Comprehension

(2) Mathematical Aptitude +Data Interpretation +Data Sufficiency

(3) Analytical Reasoning

(4) General Knowledge

The test did not in fact have any sections, all questions were given in a sequence as they are done in case of FMS.


Section I

In all the RC part contained– 5 QUESTIONS

The passage was based on the topic : Child’s psychology and his way of thinking.

There were sets of 5 questions each on Synonyms, Antonyms and fill in the blanks. A few words that were taken up are as follows: Mulct, Unearth, Tawdry, Braggadocio, Brag, Cleft, Antediluvian etc. 

There were questions on paragraph formation also.

Mostly the questions were general in nature. No novelty as such being tested.

Section II

A very easy section by all means, Maths was totally formula based, and as PT students would have put it, Most of the questions resembled what they had already solved in the PT material. So best wishes from us. The overall break-up of the section was :

  1. 3 Sets of DI – approx. 5 questions each mostly comprising of pie charts, bar graphs etc.
  2. 5 questions on DS (five option pattern).

  A few other questions in Maths are as :

  1. 2n ×(17 + 34) = 51, n=?
  2. A man completes 2/5 km in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km/hr?
  3. What should be added to 299 to make it perfect square?

Section III

Analytical Reasoning

A yet another very easy section. Questions were on regular types, like : 

Data Arrangement

How to derive the third statement. (Statement Conclusion type)

Number and alphabetical series based questions etc.

  1. Example – abc – aabc - … - 5 questions
  2. Missing number in the series 1, 2, 4, 8, 16,?

Section IV


This section tested the knowledge about the personalities. Questions were asked on Finance related areas as well, but no major focus was devoted on Quantifiable areas like figures, facts etc. Most of the questions on Finance were on India.

Certain question which were asked:

  1. Place where there is no stock exchange?
  2. HONGKONG was given back to China on ________.
  3. Which bank has the largest number of branches?
  4. When was the WTO founded?
  5. What is a deflator?
  6. Which state is the largest producer of Coriander in India?
  7. How much does the Indian coastline measures?
  8. Which God did the Cholas worship?
  9. Chairman of UTI
  10. What is Bombay House is associated with ?

  11. What is meant by a ‘Kickback’ ? 

  12. Which is the largest onion producing state ? 

  13. On which principle does the gun work ? 

  14. Which acid is used in car batteries ? 

  15. What are fiber optics made of ? 

  16. What is meant by ‘deflator’ ? 

  17. Who is the governor of RBI ? 

  18. Which country is India’s largest trading partner ?

  19. What is Hawala ?


In all the test paper was easy. It was all a game of how fast are you. Overall we saw most of the students were in a position to solve questions in the range of 180 – 200. Thus the cut-off should stand at around 150 +  Net score.


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Disclaimer: All these questions have been memorised by PT students and given to us after the TEST was conducted. We fully acknowledge that these questions in original are the property of the MFC and we are merely reproducing a few of them here in fragments to ensure that the huge community of students eagerly waiting to see an objective comparison of their performance gets the right picture.