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(January 07, 2001)

General Knowledge 40 questions
English Usage & Reading Comprehension 60 questions
Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency & Logical Reasoning 60 questions
Mathematical Ability 40 questions
Total Number of Questions 200 Questions
Essay type  6 questions

The paper was open ended, there were no sectional time limits, total time of two and a half hour was given to solve the paper. There was a negative marking of 25% per question.

Detailed Section-wise Analysis

General Knowledge

Just a few questions that we could manage from the students are given below. 

Q. Which amendment brought the word secular in constitution?

Q. Which state produces maximum tobacco?

Q. What is India's rank in Human Development Index?

Q. Who is the chairman of Constitution Review Committee ? 

Q. Which of the dam is on river Kaveri?

Q. Which state attracted maximum investment this year?

Q. Who is the director of TRAI?

Q. What do you understand by GNP?

Q. What does ISO 9000 stand for ? 

Q. George Bush was the governor of which country in US?

Q. Where has the 2nd centre of NASDAQ has been opened?

Q. Who is the President of NASSCOM?

Q. What is CRR?

Q. On which river Almati dam has been constructed?

Q. Person who wrote national anthem of 2 nations?

Q. Who won women's football gold cup in Olympic 2000?

Q. Who won all rounder gymnastic gold medal in Sydney 2000 and later on was stripped of it?

Q. What does TRF stands for?

Q. Name the director of NABARD?

Q. Income tax this year has been changed or not?

Q. Which among : Octroi, Income tax, Excise, Corporation tax is a Central Governments tax?

Q. Hasan is situated in which state?


English Usage & Reading Comprehension

English Usage: The EU portion of this section contained 20 questions in all. Questions were on sentence correction, sentence arrangement (sentence had max. 3 or 4 words), fill in the blanks where each sentence had two blanks, spot section which presents the idea most concisely, sequencing and etc.

Reading Comprehension: There were in all 6 passages, moderate in length but needed a firm grip on comprehension. All the passages were quite tough.

Passage 1 was based on Napolean
2 paragraphs in all. The first paragraph was related to Napolean, and the way he got admission to the school, though he did not belong to a very Royal family. Later on he became the French Emperor after having started as a mere soldier in the army, and wished to conquer the whole of Europe, but his mother was not sure whether he will continue his job for a long time.
The second paragraph talked about another person, who feared to face the crowd due to some failures in his life earlier. Later it came that he had murdered 2 people. etc.

There were in all 10 questions on this passage.

Passage 2 was based on Labourers and companies and the norms set by the government etc.
4 small paragraphs in all. The theme was about a company not in a position to fire a labourers from his job. Even if they wanted to do so, they can do it only by taking prior permission from the government and following various other procedures etc.

There were 7 questions on this passage.


Overall , almost all the passages were tuff, and they did need a mature thinking. Passages were not generally more than a page in length.

Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency &
Logical Reasoning

In one of the sets of DI section, there were 2 Pie charts and 3 Bar graphs given and the student had to answer the 5 questions following.

It was on the sales on Television.

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

Questions out here were easy, but calculative and also the options were given very close. Hence approximations were not possible.

There was a set of 3 questions on information as given below, and then the student had to infer from the 3 questions. The directions were 

A + B = means A is father of B.
A B = means A is mother of B.
B = means A is sister of B.
A - B = means A is brother of B.

There were 8 Questions on the  DS section, with 4 option types and some of the questions were based on simple arithmetic. The directions looked like

Each of the following questions consists of question and two statements marked as (i) and (ii). You will have to find out whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Mark your answer as.

(1) if statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(2) if statement (ii) alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(3) if both the statements (i) and (ii) together are sufficient to answer the question
      but neither statement alone is sufficient.
4) if statement (i) and (ii) together are not sufficient to answer the question, and
    additional data are required.

Q. Find the value of X and Y given
Sol. The question will have an answer 4 as the two equations given were both the same.

Q. Can A converse with B ?
(A) A knows a language which is known by C
(B) C knows a language known by B

Mathematical Aptitude

Q. Total expenses is Rs 1600 when 200 inmates in hotel and Rs 1400 when 300 inmates. Total expenses depends on two constant things. What is total expenses, when no. of inmates is 400?

Q. Probability that an arrow will hit the red area in hexagon.


Q. In a circle, two chords of length x & y present on the same side of the centre & we have to find the radius of the circle.

Q. Find the BCD, where as
COD = 40o
OBA = 40o
BOA = 80o


Q. How many triangles are present in the given figure?


Q. 7! 8! 9! means......?

Q. In a circle, two chords of length x and y present on the same side of the centre. Find the radius of the circle?

Q. There are five boxes to be painted by seven colours. No box should have the colour same as of its adjacent box. Find the number of ways in which this could be done?

Q. There are 12 books to be arranged in 4 shelves. Each shelves should have 3 books. Find the total no of ways in which this could be done?

Q. A cone and a sphere of same radius is placed in a cylinder of the same radius, What is the ratio of volume of cylinder, cone and sphere?

Q. Find the remainder of 3210, where divided by 5?


Essay Type

This section was designed to test the psychology of the students.

For the following questions each student was to write detailed answer to each of the questions given. The answer was to be given in the space provided (2- 3 lines) per question. Q.3 had 5 subparts, and each of the subpart was supposed to be answered, else the question would be considered as unattempted.

Q. 1 Why do you want to do an MBA ?

Q. 2 Why do you want to do it from SCMHRD?

Q. "I can give 100% of my potential if ...."
     (a) My working atmosphere is ______________
     (b) My boss/employees is _______________
     (c) My subordinates are _______________
     (d) My colleagues are _________________

Q. How can the education system in India reformed.

Q. "I will stick to my principles and values, come what may"... Comment

These questions were difficult, more so because of the space provided, being so less. 

Overall paper was tough . The RC passages and the questions were designed in manner to check the psychology of a candidate and essay type questions were designed to check leadership skills.

Final Analysis

The cut-off as expected by us at PT to get a strong and a convertible call should look like:


Expected cutoff

Section 1 28+
Section 2 36+
Section 3 35+
Section 4 25+
Total 124+

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