XAT 2001
Xavier Admission Test
(January 07, 2001)

BMD and PM & IR

The first major change in the paper was that the BMD and the PM & IR papers were the same, 200 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. This could be mainly due to the fact that this year onwards XAT has been introduced. The second difference that could be observed in contrast to previous years paper was that the paper was much simpler that what was expected. The language section and Maths were very easy, while LR was almost a cake walk. Most of the students were able to do well, this also implies that the cut offs shall be much higher.

Total Time Allowed 2 hours
Total number of Sections 3
Negative marks for wrong answers 1/3 marks


Section 1 Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension No. of questions = 80
Section 2 General Awareness No. of questions = 60
Section 3 Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency &
Logical Reasoning
No. of questions = 60
Total                      = 200

The students were as usual asked to write an Essay on the following topic in the stipulated time of 20 minutes: 

"Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence."

Detailed Section-wise Analysis

Section 1
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

This section had 80 questions in all: Verbal Ability and English Usage (60 questions) & Reading Comprehension (20 questions). The section was easy and maximum attempts should be there in this section. The pattern of the questions were:

Reading Comprehension:
There were in all three passages, from "THE SAMURAI" . The questions were direct, and the passage were very easy and brief. None of the passage was more than 500 words. In all there were 20 Questions on the same.

Fill in the blanks:
There were in all  10 Questions from a passage extracted from “Catch-22”. Most of the questions were simple and only those who could understand the theme could get it 100% correctly.

There was a passage given was from “Dialogues of Plato”. The passage was given with underlined words, and synonyms were to be chosen for these words. In all 20 questions.

10 questions of this type. Quite a few of these were easily manageable.

A total of 10 questions, manageable once again. A few were indeed close.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases:
10 questions on these, where the blank was to be filled with appropriate phrases.
Generally the questions were easy with application of common language.

Section 2
General Awareness

This section had questions on a variety of topics like Psychology, HR, Business Awareness etc.. The detailed break up of  General Awareness questions is as given:

  • Science & Medicine - 9 questions
  • Books, Films etc. - 9 questions
  • Business Awareness - 14 questions
  • Behavioural Sciences - 4 questions
  • Others on general topics - 24 questions

A few questions that we could get from the students are as:

Q. Arrange in chronological order of state formation:
    (a) Chhattisgarh, Uttranchal, Jharkhand
    (b) Uttranchal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh
    (c) Jharkhand, Uttranchal, Chhattisgarh
    (d) Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttranchal

Ans. (a)

Q. Top management in a company is involved in:
    (a) Supervising
    (b) Controlling
    (c) Planning
    (d) Motivation

Ans. (c)

Q. "Physical attractiveness" results in:
    (a) Jealous in peers.
    (b) Gives an impression that the person is wise, wealthy & good natured.
    (c) Gives an impression that the person is dumb.
    (d) None of these.

Q. Who measure National Income in India?
    (a) CSO
    (b) ISI
    (c) CSI
    (d) FCI

Q. Gitagovinda is written by whom?
    (a) Tulsi Das
    (b) Ved Vyas
    (c) Kabir Das
    (d) None of these

Q. Who is the author of Madhusala?
    (a) Harivanshrai Bacchan
    (b) Maithali Sharan Gupt
    (c) Tulsi Das
    (d) None of these

Q. Who is the CEO of HLL?
    (a) K Dadiseth 
    (b) Gurcharan Das
    (c) M S Banga
    (d) Rajiv Kayal

Section 3
Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency &
Logical Reasoning

There were in all 60 questions in this section too spread on Maths, Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency & Logical Reasoning. In the entire section there were lots of simple questions. Around 10 - 15 were quiet difficult rest others were manageable. As far as Logical Reasoning questions are concerned they were surprisingly very simple.

Q. A, B and C do a work in 18 days & 36 days respectively. They start working together. A
    leaves 8 days before completion, B 12 days before. For how many days did C complete the
    (a) 4 days
    (b) 8 days
    (c) 12 days
    (d) 24 days

Q. Let us consider an equation ax + by + c = 0 Given ab < 0. The coefficient of correlation is
    (a) 1
    (b) -1
    (c) 0
    (d) Between 1 and -1

Q. There are 5 people A, B, C, D and E. They read a book one after the other. C read the book
    second. A is the second last person to read the book. B and D was first and last person to
    read the book not in same order. There are 2 people between A and B.
        (1) Who got book form B?
             (a) C
             (b) E
             (c) A
             (d) D

        (2) Who read the book last?
             (a) B
             (b) E
             (c) A
             (d) D

Q. There are 6 people. Probability of getting male is ½. Answer the following questions.
        (1) What is the probability getting one female when selected randomly?
             (a) 1/2
             (b) 1/4
             (c) 4/9
             (d) 1/3

        (2) What is the probability of getting 2 female and 4 male?
             (a) 1/2
             (b) 1/4
             (c) 4/9
             (d) 5/12

Q. Ram, Shyam and Ramesh work as 36 days, 41 days and 52 days respectively. Find days they
    do if together?

Although we could not manage to get a lot of questions, but here is a brief representation of the topics, from where the questions actually came.

LCM & HCF based - 1 question
Number Series
- 2 questions
Integers and related - 1 questions
Indices - 1 questions
Binary Operations - 1 questions
Odd Man Out for Number Sets - 3 questions
Ratio & Proportion
- 1 questions
Allegations & Mixtures -
1 questions
Sets  - 1 questions
Venn Diagram - 1 questions
Linear Equations (Solving) - 1 questions
Simultaneous Equations - 1 questions
Quadratic Equations
  - 1 questions
Work & Time - 1 questions
Time & Speed  - 1 questions
Simple Interest
  - 1 questions
Circles -
1 questions
Diagrams (Geometry) - 4 questions
  - 12 questions
Calendar  - 1 questions
Logic (4 Sets)
3 questions
Data Sufficiency  - 4 Questions
Data Interpretation (1 set)
5 questions


Final Analysis

The cut-off as expected by us at PT to get a strong and a convertible call should look like:

Sections XLRI XIM
Section 1 57+ 46+
Section 2 44+ 35+
Section 3 41+ 33+
Total 142+ 114+

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