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Attitude matters

As is said “It’s the Attitude, not only the Aptitude, that decides your Altitude.” Most of the tests happen to be manageable, but it’s all about how you tackle them. It’s the competition and the pressure that makes the difference. If you have the right focus and are ready to put in consistent efforts, you can definitely BELL the CAT.

As Vivekananda said “Believe in yourself and the world would be at your feet.” A few points to remember for the sincere aspirant

Have a positive approach

Keep in mind that you can do it, and this mantra will certainly bring positive changes in you. Do not look back, you are not going that way.

Focus on the goal

Keep a sharp focus in your mind on what you want to do. Break apart a big goal into smaller goals, and keep accomplishing these smaller goals in short periods. You'll see for yourself that the big goal is within your reach.

Work on communication skills

It does not matter that how much you speak in GDs or Interview. The differentiator here is how well you convey your ideas to the group or to the interviewer.

Develop diverse reading habits

It really helps while solving RC passages. It works in two different ways - first, awareness of diversity of topics, and secondly - the big reason - developing a good reading speed.

Work on your body language

Body language is the subtle and silent indicator of your persona. A negative body language can destroy the chances of an otherwise intelligent person.

Broaden your horizons

Start thinking with an open mind. Just as we can't see with closed eyes and can't hear with closed ears, similarly we can't think without an open mind.

Developing the right interests

Start today. Develop good habits like reading diverse topics, doing mental calculations, developing good communication skills, developing creativity etc.

Out of the box approach

Your approach while attempting the test must be good enough to crack the test. Remember that if you think that next week you are going to appear for some other test, you are certainly not going to crack the test you are taking today.

Time management will remain the key

Always apply the S-S-S-S approach, i.e., the Scan-Search-Select-Solve approach. Quickly scan the test paper, Search for easy questions, Select easier ones and Solve them. Do not get stuck at a difficult question as it would cost you dearly. Solve easy questions first and only then move on to the difficult ones.

Always remember

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