IIFT Entrance Test
November 23, 2014
Detailed analysis
IIFT Entrance Test
November 23, 2014
English Usage / Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Key C D A B C A D D C B
Verbal Ability 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Key D D A C A B B D B C


1. (C)  Best link is III – II – I – IV

III – II → Milenr valued FB at $10 billion. Big that was but less than $15 b that MS valued it at. A good connection.

Only one option as III – II. Solved!

2. (D) Best link is IV – II – I – III

IV – II → I have not played Schubert – my violin misses him. Who? Schubert.
II – I → my soundproof  cell – no light, no sound

Only one option has IV – II – I. Solved!


3. (A) A tough one. The word “decrepit” means worn out, ruined due to old age or neglect. Rest are wrong.

4. (B) Correct spellings are – Receive, Deceive, Perceive, Believe
How to remember?  Perceive comes from Perception. Deceive comes from Deception. Believe comes from Belief. Receive comes from Receipt.


5. (C) solicitude  refers to great care or concern  (care, attentiveness, mindfulness)

6. (A) Prevarication refers to “to speak falsely or misleadingly OR to deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression”.


7. (D) is best. “… hope to exchange their routine jobs for new and interesting assignments”. It is correct, and follows the KISS principle perfectly (Keep It Short and Simple)

8. (D) Only D follows the “Parallelism principle” properly. (C) is wrong as wrong things are getting compared.


9. (C) To Mumble is to speak in one’s mouth and becomes Indistinct to others. Both are negative words. Similarly, to Scribble is to write in a manner that is Illegible to others.

10. (B) To Ruffle somebody’s feathers is to reduce their Equanimity of mind by disturbing them. Similarly, to Disturb someone is to reduce their Balance.


Very good questions!

11. (D)  The opening statement 1 must go with iii, iii must go with v, and i must come with 6.

12. (D) The clues are → parts i and iii must come together (“both” and “and”), and they must be followed by 6 (“no goodies in addition…”). Also, opening statement 1 must be followed by iv, and then by ii (“reinstante in the same position”).


13. (A)
(B) is wrong. It should be “I meet her more frequently than I meet you.”
(C) is wrong.  It should be “This course is challenging and inspiring” or “This course is a challenge and an inspiration”.
(D) is wrong. It should be “She is confident of speaking English within six months”.

14. (C)
(A) is wrong. It should be “The convict escaped from prison and is believed to have fled the country.”
(B) is wrong. It should be “Did he travel by taxi, train or plane?”
(D) is wrong. It should be “I would do everything for my friend but not for my neighbor.”


15. (A) Expiate means to make amends for wrongdoings. Rest three refer to sending out.

16. (B) Circumlocution means to speak around a topic. Rest three refer to the opposite (being precise)


17. (B) the harder they fall is the accepted structure

18. (D) frightened the life out of me is the accepted structure


19. (B) Letters given are – E T Y T E L A. We can make at least 5 (or more) with one or more E and minimum 4 letters.
Some examples are : Late, Teel, Teal, Tale, Tele, Latte ….

20. (C) Letters given are – A H N E T E H. We can make at least 8 (or more) with one or more A and minimum 4 letters.
Some examples are : Hate, Heat, Ante, Hath, Neat, Neath, Eaten, Ethane, Heathen …

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