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Management as a career

The need for management and good managers is bound to increase in the years to come whether it be a developed or an under-developed economy, a small scale or a large scale organisation, a profit making or a non-profit making body, peace or war. Resources are scarce, and efficient management of these scarce resources is the key to survival. Leadership is the crying need of the hour. Organisations need leaders who can take charge from the front. The problem of finding and developing men and women who ‘are to be the managers of tomorrow, and top managers of the day after,' shall assume new dimensions. Management has vast potential to offer and much would depend on how it is exploited. “More than ever before”, observes a senior academician, “there is an increasing realisation today that educated and trained managers are the critical resources for organisations as well as the fuel for economic growth of the country.

The far-reaching changes introduced in our country over the last few years have had a cascading effect on several aspects of our economy and national life. This vastly altered economic and social scenario has led to tremendous increase in the number of vacancies in the corporate world. A career in management is quite lucrative, if one really goes by what the media tells us!

Who can go for Management Courses? Traditionally, it is only after graduation that students enter the field of management. But in the present economic, industrial and social scenario the need has been felt to introduce management courses to younger students also. In view of this, several universities have already introduced business management at graduation level. The profession has promising future for those who possess leadership qualities, analytical mind, problem solving abilities, effective organisational and communication skills, besides competitive academic achievements.

A Bachelor in Business Administration / Studies, a 3 to 4 year programme, is, perhaps the most sought after course along with engineering and medicine at the undergraduate level. A degree from a reputed university or college would ensure a sound start to a rewarding and challenging career in management.

What does a Career in Management offer? One can get entry-level professional jobs as management trainee/executive trainee in banking, consultancy, finance, FMCG, consumer durables, information technology, industrial goods, advertising and other sectors.

Graduates in management get absorbed in a very vast spectrum of the corporate world. In the recent past, the who's who of the corporate world has visited campuses hunting for talent. Indian as well as multinational companies find it a good bet to recruit talent from campuses.

Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)
(Indian Institute of Management Indore)

Normally after engineering or any other graduation, MBA is most sought-after career & for that IIM is the best place. But getting into IIMs after graduation is really very tough.

Start early. Take advantage of IPM program started by IIM Indore. IPM Program is a unique and creative program to meet the aspirations of young students to become management professionals change agents and societal leaders. This course contains versatile subjects like Management, Foreign Language, Science, Performing Arts, Social Science etc. This program also includes extra-curricular courses such as yoga, badminton, art of living, public speaking etc. and a comprehensive range of inter-institute sports, cultural and service programs.

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