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Placement Scenario


The joy of creation knows no bounds. More so with wealth creation. While traditional over-the-roof salary jobs take away the best talent from leading b-schools, the adventurous souls strike out on their own, creating empires that are limited only by their imagination. Enterpreneurs are people who create jobs, not merely hold one. An MBA can help you become one.

If you have already started wondering about what you can expect after this grind, then read on.

Best of the corporates from around the world come to B-schools to recruit the best. An indicative list of various companies is given here.


Bank of America, CitiBank, BNP Paribas, ABN Amro, American Express, Credit Lyonnais, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Chase Manhattan and so on.

Consultancy & audit

McKinsey & Co., Boston Consultancy Group, KPMG, AF Ferguson, PWC, Ernst & Young, Delloitté, Kohamatsu & Touché consulting group, Noble & Hewitt and so on.


Jardine Fleming, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Stanley, DSP Merill Lynch, GE Caps and so on.


Hindustan Lever, Coke, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt & Colemann, Colgate Palmolive, Nestle, Gillette, Cadbury and so on.

Consumer Non-Durables (CND)

Castrol, McDonalds, Asian Paints, Madura Coats, United Breweries and so on.

Consumer durables

LG, Samsung, BPL, Whirlpool, HP - Compaq, Hero Honda Motors, Titan Industries and so on.

Information Technology (IT)

Infosys, I2 Technologies, Motorola, Satyam, TCS, Wipro Technologies and so on.

Advertising and market research

Leo Burnett, JWT, McCann Ericsson, Mudra, O & M, WBB, Org-MARG and so on.


Ranbaxy, Reliance Telecom, Sony Entertainment, Zee Telefilms Ltd. and so on.

The quality of final placements is the ultimate statement of a B-school's reach, calibre, and intellectual property acceptance in the corridors of corporate power.

Post 1991, the tremendous improvement and change in the quality of placements from the Indian b-school campuses was a dream come true for a whole generation of upwardly mobile young Indians. The trend has continued ever since, and terms like “global placements,” “dollar salaries” and “multinational careers” have become commonplace.

Booms and busts are part of every economic cycle. The B-schools are also not untouched by the vagaries of international economic trends. While the placements a couple of seasons ago were a dream to write home about, a series of events has ensured that the placement season this year at the best B-schools is a sane affair. There are companies and there are jobs, but the wild hype and hoopla is conspicuously absent. It seems that sanity has returned to the campuses with placements being more realistic, in tune with actual market realities.

  • What does all this mean, as far as an MBA aspirant is concerned ?
  • Cyclical corrections in placement quality is a reality of life. Live with it.
  • “Salaries” do not fall. The rate of growth may go down.
  • Global placements happen regularly, at the best campuses.
  • Some candidates may go jobless because they may choose not to accept offers from companies coming to the campuses.

All said and done, despite the global recession seen across the industries, the career prospects for MBAs remain bright.

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