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How best to manage money is what Finance is all about. People describe this career as “Number Crunching.” Individuals with good quantitative skills, who like to do a lot of planning, managing resources and policy formation may find this a good career choice.


One of the extremely popular disciplines with management students, Marketing offers a lot in terms of responsibility, challenge, adventure, innovation and growth. Individuals with great communication skills, leadership qualities and a desire to go places become good marketing pros. 

Human Resources Development

If you can manage and grow your people well, they will take good care of your organization. In these competitive times, HR has become one of the most challenging specializations in management. The blossoming career opportunities for knowledge professionals make the job of the HR team more challenging. 


Infotech, computers, automation and systems integration are the corporate buzzwords today. With consolidation, there has been hyper growth as well as shake-outs in the IT market, but experts predict a revival. With the introduction of reforms, the entire Infotech market witnessed a quantum leap in profit-growth. Smart and forward looking organizations today seek graduates who have a flair for both management and technology. If you love this combo, go for it! 


A specialization generally preferred by engineers, and individuals with specific inclination towards Production/Shop-Floor Management. With Indian manufacturing sector in the throes of a crisis, this field can offer unique challenges and opportunities for those who dare. 


It pertains to the guts of the business. The nitty gritty of strategy execution. Jobs are basically inter-disciplinary in nature, demanding intense commitment and focus. If you can manage stress and would love to understand processes from start to end, Operations is your destiny. Remember what Tom Peters says “the best strategy is execution!” 


Advertising is the art of telling as well as selling. Advt companies welcome MBAs as it helps them carry out creative work in a professional manner. People with a whacky, progressive and creative bent of mind are fit for this career. As a specialisation within Marketing, this is a unique career choice for those who wish to communicate and make their mark. 

International business 

The Indian Government embraced globalization, and this specialization saw an unprecedented boom. The government's policy thrust on exports and a forward looking mindset makes a career in International Business rewarding and promising. As WTO realities take root, MBA with IB will open up new vistas for young management graduates. 

Telecom management

Technology convergence has brought the computer and telecom industries together, giving a massive boost to employment opportunities. The rapid developments in Indian telecom sector have paved the path for a robust domestic growth process on lines of the Western World. Expect more jobs, more careers! 

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